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  • VapoRub Ointment

    Starts working instantly to relieve cough, nasal congestion and muscle aches and pains due to colds.

    Vicks® VapoRub™ ointment is a topical cough medicine with medicated vapours that work quickly to relieve your cough, nasal congestion, and muscle aches and pains due to colds. VapoRub is suitable for both adults and children ages two and up.

    $6.99-$16.99 MSRP
    VapoRub Ointment

  • Vicks VapoDrops

    Temporarily relieves minor throat irritation.

    A minor throat irritation is no excuse to let your day drop by the wayside. Vicks® VapoDrops™ contain menthol, a trusted ingredient that temporarily helps soothe your throat irritation.

    $1.49 MSRP
    Vicks VapoDrops

  • VapoInhaler

    Temporarily relieves Nasal Congestion due to Cold

    Vicks® VapoInhaler® provides temporary relief of nasal congestion due to cold symptoms. Plus, it's easy to carry in a pocket or purse, and can be used almost anywhere.

    $5.99 MSRP